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As CPA's and financial planning professionals, we are in a unique position that sets us apart from other investment advisors. By having a personal knowledge of both tax laws and our client's personal finances we have the ability not only to create an investment process that fulfills a client's long-term financial goals, but do so in a tax efficient manner.

Our investment advisory service is designed to work with certain select clients establishing a risk and objectives profile, and tailoring a mutual fund portfolio to meet those requirements.

We develop a focus list of mutual funds with our internally developed research process. This selection process includes an in-depth review of fund style, category sector, risk level, and management profile.

While investment performance is important, it is our focus on prudent mutual fund selection and asset allocation that are key to long-term success. All these factors are incorporated to provide our clients with a balanced, risk adjusted approach to portfolio management.

Sladek & Witek Philosphy

We believe that investment success is achieved by establishing a plan and then implementing a course of action. We can design a customized portfolio to address your long-term financial objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and tax considerations.

Process - Our mutual fund selection is based upon specific criteria balancing risk and potential reward.

Asset Allocation - Based upon risk tolerance and time horizons.

Risk Management - Preserving and/or growing investor's wealth based upon your risk tolerance.

Communication - Ongoing dialog to meet our client's long-term objectives.

Establish Client Profile - Proprietary profile used to create a customized investment plan unique to each client.

  • Portfolio construction based on client profile.
  • Disciplined Monitoring and Rebalancing.

Sladek & Witek 401K Consultation

Rolling over a 401(k) plan?
Selecting investments for your current plan?
Reviewing your financial plan including goals and objectives?

The emergence of the 401(k) retirement account has created a great opportunity to control your retirement destiny. However, with this opportunity comes an overwhelming amount of responsibility and choices. Making prudent decisions regarding mutual fund selections, asset allocation, and risk control is a critical part of the process.

  • Thorough fund universe review
  • Establish client profile
  • Customized client portfolio
  • Client follow up available

"Financial wealth is achieved by creating a road map and executing on a sound strategy."


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